Water is needed for healthy body

image: © Amelia Fox / Fotolia

image: © Amelia Fox / Fotolia

Water is needed for healthy body 

Water is extremely important for the body; human body cannot survive without water for than 7 days. Every organ and cell of a body needs water for its proper functioning.

Our body needs 8 to 10 ounces of daily water. If we perform heavy tasks and exercises its quantity must be doubled.

Water is required or healthy body, better digestion, and elimination of waste products, regulation of metabolism and a number of such important functions of the human body.

It is helpful in maintaining the weight of the body. Here are a few effects of water on health and weight loss.

Effects of water on weight loss

Drinking more water helps you to lose your weight quickly. You can drink water to prevent dehydration. Excess amount of water allows you to avoid overeating. If you are feeling hungry then drink water, food will also provide calories that are not required if you want to reduce your weight. You can exercise with full energy if you drank more water and as a result successful weight loss.

Effect of water on Skin

More water contention in a body avoids dehydration and dryness from inside out. It will moisturize your skin and gives you a glow and shine on your healthy skin. Various skin problems are avoided if you drink more water.

Effect of water on heart

Those who drink 5 to 6 glasses of water daily can reduce heart diseases up to a great extent as compared to those who drink less water daily. It avoids heart attack risks and various other heart diseases.

Effect of water on body energy

Water gives you more energy when you drink it after and before exercises. We lose water contents through sweating, urine, perspiration and other processes. If we drink a lot of water daily we can avoid headaches fatigue and laziness which occur just because of the little amount of dehydrations.



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