Protect Your Body from Sun

image: © victosha / Fotolia

image: © victosha / Fotolia

Protect Your Body from Sun

Protection of the body from the sun is very important. Not only women should take care of this, men also need to protect their body from the sun.

Sun has different types of UV’s that affects your skin directly as it is in direct contact with these rays.

Due to some harmful effects of the rays it is now extremely important to protect your body from sun.

Various reasons of giving this protection too much importance are as follows.

Protection against skin cancer:

It is important to protect your skin from being damaged by the sun rays. Sun burns your skin and in extreme conditions its harmful rays may cause skin cancer. That’s why it is recommended to use sun screens on your body to protect it.

Protect in winter season:

Not only the summer season has harmful sun rays, but it is equally necessary to protect to protect your body during winter. The increased amount of moisture in the air makes sun rays more extreme and it is required to protect your body from sun in winter too in extreme cold weathers.

Protection against windburn:

It is important to protect against sunburn because the symptoms of it are same as that of wind burn. They can burn your skin too. When you apply certain body protection mechanisms for you to protect against sun, same work for wind burns.

Protect against aging:

You should protect your body from sun because it causes aging. You may have noticed people living in hilly areas have skin damaged and look aged in the middle age. This is due to the reason sun affects their skin and it burns it and cause aging of the body skin. So it is important to protect it from harmful UV rays that are causing this skin damage.



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