Meditation tips

image: Avesun / Fotolia

image: Avesun / Fotolia

Meditation helps you overcome stress, fatigue, pain and it gives you better health and happy feelings.

One should mediate daily or one time in a week to stay happy and healthy. It keeps you fit, active and focused.

No needs to wait for any stress to come for starting meditation just start doing it and get out of many physical and mental strains.

It’s advised for doing 15 minute meditation daily this will give your peacefulness. Follow these tips to start meditation.

Tips for posture

Keep your body straight so that your spine is straight. If you sit flabby your mind fill drift and you will not be able to get the benefits of meditation.

Either you sit on the floor or sit on some chair keep your spine straight and body well balanced.

Tips for eyes

While meditation, be present. Open eyes allow you to remain in present state. If you close your eyes you will lose in some thoughts and past and future imaginations. Not necessary to keep the eyes open, few people feel comfortable with closed eyes.

Tips for focusing

It is good to be focused on the right thoughts and present situation. This will relax your mind and you will be able to perform your tasks efficiently with present mind.

Focus on breath

An easiest way to focus is to pay attention to your heart beat. Start realizing your breaths and notice it’s in and out process.

Focus on thoughts

Try to focus on your thoughts. If they are negative start neglecting them and try to keep your mind present and empty most of the time.

Focus on body state

It is easy to focus on body emotional state. When you are stressed it is hard to remain focused while meditation and you will think some anger and fear. To overcome this, think about the effect of these on your body parts. In this way you will get out of the emotional stress on the mind.


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