Keeping fit with light exercise

image: © lenets_tan /  Fotolia

image: © lenets_tan / Fotolia

Keeping fit with light exercise

There are many ways to keep fit. If you want to gain more muscle then you should work out with weights, or if you just want to keep yourself healthy then a lighter exercise routine might just work for you.

Light exercise means just that, light. You don’t wear yourself thin with exercising, the best ones being walking and jogging. You can also do sit-ups, push-ups, and other muscle building exercises.

By just walking, either leisurely or power walking, for an hour a day you will burn a lot of calories, and it’s the easiest exercise one can get. Either you can walk inside your house or outside, while shopping or just walking for the pleasure of it.

Go alone or with someone else; if you don’t want to go alone but have nobody else can accompany you, bring some music to listen to, it will help you walk more easily. Try to find an area that has some shade and enjoy.

For jogging you should plan ahead. Make sure you have proper sneakers, so you don’t hurt your knees or any other part of your legs while doing so. Find a place that will be suitable to your needs with not a huge crowd so you don’t have to worry about running into anyone.

Also if you jog alone, bring some music as this will motivate you to jog more. Run either in the early morning or evenings, if you are running outside and you live somewhere with intense heat. Avoid running in the peak times of the day.

As you start walking and running more, challenge yourself. Start out with short distances and increase them as your stamina builds up and as the weather allows. Most importantly, enjoy it and see the difference it makes in your body.


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