How to Clean Up Your Face at Home

image: © Subbotina Anna / Fotolia

image: © Subbotina Anna / Fotolia

How to Clean Up Your Face at Home

Are you preparing for a date and feel that your face looks dirty and not very healthy? If you are then here is a fantastic clean up routine which you can apply.

The four-step routine will involve your favorite cleanser, your favorite massage cream or moisturizer and a face scrub/mask to finish it off. The results are great and you will be left with visibly improved skin within a short period of time.

Step One: Clean your face.

This can be done with the help of a good quality face wash or a cleanser, followed by a toner. Take your pick on whatever suits you best, but if you are unsure, remember, dry skins prefer a cream, or oil based cleanser, while oily skin loves a

water-based or non-oily cleanser. Wash your face well and then apply the cleanser, rubbing it all over your face, before wiping it off with a towel and rinsing your face well with lukewarm water.

Step Two: Massage.

Now, take your favorite cream or moisturizer and apply generously. It is a good idea to use a massaging cream, which can be then wiped off, so choose one according to your skin type, and apply it all over your face. Massage in a circulating motion to let the cream get absorbed.

Do not let the mixture fully get absorbed to your skin, if possible, use more. Add a couple of drops of lukewarm water to facilitate massage, and gently work around your eyes. Take 5-6 minutes to do this. Once done, wipe off your face with a towel.

Step Three: Add Mask/Scrub

Here comes the time for using a face mask or a scrub. If you are in a hurry, or you have no issues with using a face scrub, do so. Alternatively, use a face mask, close your eyes and relax for the face mask to work and then rinse. You would be left with better skin afterwards!



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