How do I put on Weight Healthily?

image:© Lev Dolgatsjov /  Fotolia

image:© Lev Dolgatsjov / Fotolia

How do I put on Weight Healthily?

You want to put on a bit of weight, but you are unsure how to do it? Here are a few simple and easy tips to help you.

It is all about the food you eat and the way you exercise that mainly effects how you gain weight, unless you have a metabolism problem, then it’s much harder all around.

Stick to a healthy proper diet, but have a lot of carbohydrates. Eat things like rice, potatoes, and bread, along with vegetables and other food items.

Don’t overeat, just eat your normal amount of food but add more carbohydrates instead of other food items.

Avoid consuming items that have a lot of sugar content and junk food, like cold drinks, chips, chocolate and other snack foods. A moderated amount of junk food is acceptable, just not a lot.

Avoid food that is fried in oil or has a huge refined oil intake because trust me, you want to be healthy, not fall prey to illness.

You also should keep up a light exercise routine so you don’t gain weight excessively while eating so many carbohydrates. Light exercise means walking, jogging, and other similar exercises, though you can always do more intense exercising, such as weight lifting if you wish.

Remember though, if you do the more intense exercises you will need to eat more in order to gain after all the calories you would burn.

While exercising, and at any other time, make sure you are drinking enough water. At least 8 ounce cups of water a day. More if you are exercising, as to keep yourself properly hydrated.

If you are sweating profusely, or working out during the hotter time of the day, it may be a good idea to drink a ORS just to keep yourself from dehydrating.


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