Health Benefits of Green Tea

image:  © NataliTerr / Fotolia

image: © NataliTerr / Fotolia

Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea offers several benefits to the human body. It has been used for many years due to the no fermentation and presence of antioxidants and chemical composition in it, which have many benefits.

Health benefits of green tea vary from simple weight loss to the treatment of many diseases. Few of the health benefits of this tea are as follows:

Anti ageing:

One of the major benefits that all of us need is to reduce the ageing factors of the body. Green tea has antioxidants that neutralized the major factors of ageing in the body. If you use green tea regularly you will reduce these ageing factors.


To boost up the energy level of the body and overcome the laziness and fatigue tea is the key ingredient that is used. One of the health benefits of green tea is its property of a stimulator due to the presence of caffeine. It boosts up the energy level of the body and enhanced blood circulation to maintain the normal working of the body.

Weight loss:

Green tea has another captivating benefit that has made its use popular. Those who are afraid of obesity should use green tea as it increases the metabolism and increases the rate of fat consumption in the body. As a result you reduce your weight.

Increased protection:

One of the core health benefits of green tea is to boost up the immune system of the body. Those who use green tea regularly have very less chances of getting affected by viral and bacterial infections. The anti fungal and microbial features of the green tea offer these benefits.

Control major diseases:

Many diseases are controlled by the green tea. It helps in controlling diabetes, heart diseases and minor level of cancerous cell formation. It is also used to control the depression and blood pressure of the human body.



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