Walking for Happiness

image: © Peter Atkins /  Fotolia

image: © Peter Atkins / Fotolia


Walking for Happiness

Walking not only improves your body fitness but it also gives you a chance to think and enjoy the nature and stay happy.

If you want to be happy and satisfied then walk any time daily.

You can walk in nature and appreciate the beauty and greenery of the nature.

This will give you a sensation feeling and your mind will get relaxed.

You body will get several other benefits from walk.

Before going for walk you should work on these points.




  • Make plans to go for a regular walk and try to follow these plans. If you miss one or two walks no need to worry. Walk next day but do not leave walking.
  • Tell yourself that walking is essential for maintain the health.
  • Remind yourself about your walk plan.
  • Make your schedule of walking.
  • If you can’t manage daily walk, then walk two or three times in a week.
  • Go to your favorite places and walking tracks. Try to visit places that are close to nature. They cherish you and you will fell happy in these places.

Walking gives you happiness by following ways.

Release of hormones

When you walk your happy hormones are released that will keep you happy.

Release of adrenaline

When you walk in a cheering place your mood lifts up and you thank to the place. On the other side your internal body has a release of adrenaline which is a mood lifting chemical.

Release muscle fatigue

By doing regular walking at some beautiful place you can release your mind stress and muscle fatigue. Tension in muscles is released through walk and mind is relaxed by viewing exhilarating views of the nature.

Comfortable sleep

For staying healthy, happy and active, proper sleep is required. When you walk daily you sleep comfortable during night and awake fresh and active.




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