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Healthy Pancake Recipe

Healthy Pancake Recipe Pancakes are delicious food items that are made in various ways to give you best out of them. Some recipes are healthy in which gluten is removed and other ingredients are added. Best pancakes that are made can be topped up with syrups and butter to add an extra flavor and energy. ... Continue Reading →

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How do I put on Weight Healthily?

How do I put on Weight Healthily? You want to put on a bit of weight, but you are unsure how to do it? Here are a few simple and easy tips to help you. It is all about the food you eat and the way you exercise that mainly effects how you gain weight, unless you have a metabolism problem, then it’s ... Continue Reading →

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Keeping fit with light exercise

Keeping fit with light exercise There are many ways to keep fit. If you want to gain more muscle then you should work out with weights, or if you just want to keep yourself healthy then a lighter exercise routine might just work for you. Light exercise means just that, light. You don’t wear yourself ... Continue Reading →

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How to Clean Up Your Face at Home

How to Clean Up Your Face at Home Are you preparing for a date and feel that your face looks dirty and not very healthy? If you are then here is a fantastic clean up routine which you can apply. The four-step routine will involve your favorite cleanser, your favorite massage cream or moisturizer and ... Continue Reading →
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Face Masks According to your Skin Type

Face Masks According to your Skin Type There are many face masks in the market, but which one is yours? The truth is, we all know the benefit of different face masks, but few really understand what exactly a face mask is supposed to do, and how it is supposed to benefit you. There are five types of ... Continue Reading →
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