Ideas for healthy, delicious daily menu

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image: © pressmaster / Fotolia


You need a delicious breakfast before leaving your home in the morning, a healthy lunch and a perfect dinner that keeps you healthy and active.

Daily meal plans can be selected according to the taste and health requirements. The meal must have all necessary nutrients and calories that are required to keep you healthy and active.

Three time meal plans can be balanced by following these ideas.


Healthy breakfast ideas

Healthy breakfast ideas are often asked by many people. You can eat healthy products during morning having protein, fats and nutrients.

  • You can eat oatmeal and flax seeds along with almonds in the morning.
  • Healthy breakfast can be a combination of low-fat yogurt, berries and cereal.
  • A perfect healthy breakfast can be a fruit salad which provides all necessary nutrients in one singe plate.
  • You can eat eggs-white with pepper and onion as a healthy breakfast.

Healthy lunch ideas

For lunch you should select healthy meals that keep you light and energetic. Here are some ideas.

  • Grilled fish with green salad is a healthy lunch. Fish can be Salmon.
  • Tossing chicken along with cornmeal is a healthy lunch. It can be served along with savory sauce and carrots.
  • Green bean casserole with yogurt makes a perfect energy combination.

Healthy Dinner ideas

Dinner must be something light and full of energy.

  • Roasted Brussels sprouts are one of the healthy dinners that can be enriched with more nutrients by adding Apple and Pancetta.
  • Pasta, cheese and butternut give you energy level and boost up nutrients in the body.
  • Reduce extra calories on your dining table by eating Garbanzo beans in pasta and soups.
  • Chicken sandwiches with homemade barbecue sauces.
  • The honey – ginger chicken is ready to cook and gives extent energy
  • Stacked vegetable salad of red onion, carrot and black pepper offers healthy dinner meal.


If you need a snack, always prefer fruits and vegetables!

One cookie is not a crime, but try to eat it before lunch 🙂

Enjoy the day with healthy menu!


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