How to Dress for the Gym

image: © Andres Rodriguez /  Fotolia

image: © Andres Rodriguez / Fotolia

How to Dress for the Gym

You are thinking of going to the gym, you’ve picked out the gym you want to attend, and you have your goals set, and the exercises you intend to do.

Yet, you’ve no idea what to wear to keep yourself from getting hurt or being comfortable.

First, if you are planning to run, or do workout that involves your legs primarily, make sure you get a good pair of supporting shoes, they are likely to be a bit pricey, but worth the money, especially if you are a runner.

Second, buy a good quality, fitted sports bra, one that is not going to let you fall out nor will it keep your assets in that you are going to be hurting after you take it off. Also, make sure it has good support.

Third, a good shirt that is not too tight, but neither very loose, should be in your kitty.

Make sure it is of a good fabric that will allow your skin to breathe, and also one that will be able to soak up the sweat without making it over wet.

If you are planning to go swimming for exercise, make sure you have a good fitting swim suit and if you need, get decent goggles, a hair cover, and a nose clip.

If you have problems with knees, get some knee braces, same with your elbows, or any other body part. If you are lifting weights make sure you get a back brace if you think you might be lifting the weights over your head, thus creating a lot of pressure on your back.

If you are attending gyms with men, try to dress a bit modestly, do not wear short shorts or very loose shirts that have the tendency of gaping open. More often than not, this will cause you unwanted attention that may make you feel very uncomfortable.


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