Healthy Weight

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image: © vgstudio / Fotolia

Healthy Weight

Healthy weight of a body is as important as having a healthy skin. It is a weight that is best matches to your body size and index.

Your BMI determines either you are underweight, overweight or in normal weight condition. If your BMI is less than 18.5 or more than 25 you are in extreme condition.

To maintain the healthy body one should take care of your weight by acting upon various tips and healthy diet plans. You can maintain your healthy weight by keeping the following points in your mind.

In and out energy levels

The amount of energy you take in through your diets must be balanced by the activities you perform to use this energy.

Maintain a regular energy balance is required to keep your weight normal. The amount of energy you intake must be utilized with proper timings to attain a healthy weight.

Healthy diet

Choose a healthy eating plan to maintain healthy weight. You should take care of your weight by increasing the amount of fresh fruits, vegetables and low fat ingredients in your diet plan. No need to take extra calories per day. Calcium rich diets are also proved effective for keeping your body weight healthy.

Drink more water

Water is essential for maintaining regular flow of blood and digestion of all the ingredients. Your body will consume fat and lower your cholesterol level that is required to maintain the healthy weight.

Exercise daily

You can keep your body fit by maintaining its weight up to a regular level. Exercise daily to keep your body active. Just few minutes exercise will help your body organs work properly and this will also help reduce the weight. Not only the weight loss is important but a healthy weight is also maintained by doing regular exercises.



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