Healthy Nail Care Tips

image: © Dmitry Sunagatov / Fotolia

image: © Dmitry Sunagatov / Fotolia

Healthy Nail Care Tips

Nails are one of the beautiful elements of your body and they also help in performing some small tasks.

Proper care is required to maintain the healthy nails. You can get healthy and well groomed nails by acting upon these tips.


Nails hydration is the basic step that removes the dryness and regulates the proper growth of the nails.

Apply hydration techniques on the cuticles and the nearby area of the nail that looks dry.

Hydrate your nails many times a day or at least before going to sleep. Olive oil, Castor oil and Vaseline are the basic hydration items used for nail care. Drinking a lot of water also hydrates your body and nails.

Use gloves before hard tasks:

Extra dust and excessive use of water cause nail damage. To perform such tasks it is advised to wear gloves on your hands. Your nails will not be in direct contact with water and dust, in this way you can save them from being damaged.

Washing dishes and gardening are the hardest tasks that damage your nails health at a faster rate as compared to other tasks. Wear gloves before doing these two tasks.

Use gloves in winter season:

During winter wear gloves to avoid extra dryness which is not good for nails health.

Dry your hands and feet:

If you want healthy and groomed nails dry them after putting them in water. Leaving moist Nails can cause fungal infections and nails face severe damage.

Stop nail biting:

Nail biting is the bad habit that destroys nails health and proper growth. Do not bite your nails if you want them to grow fast and look glowing.

Avoid toxicant chemicals:

Nails polish removing solutions may have intoxicants that badly damage the health of your nails. Try to avoid these harsh chemicals that slow down the process of maintaining healthy nails.



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