Healthy Home Made Skin Mask

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image: © gitusik / Fotolia

Healthy Home Made Skin Mask

Maintaining skin texture is very important to give it a glowing look. Women having normal skin texture are lucky as they face no dryness and oily skin like problems.

To maintain the health of your skin one can use healthy Home Made skin to mask as they are enriched with natural ingredients and offer no side effects.

Natural ingredients like carrots, egg, oranges, lemon and honey are commonly used for making healthy masks. Few of masks and their timing of applying them on the skin are as follows:


Common Skin masks:

A lot of healthy homemade Skin masks are easy to prepare at home. The proper ratio of each item added in the mask is required to make a uniform mixture. Apple skin mask, Egg and olive oil mask, strawberry mask, peach mask, clay mask, cucumber mask and banana mask are the most common health masks used for the normal skin.

How to make a healthy mask:

Generally 1 to 2 tablespoons of liquid ingredients is mixed well to make a smooth paste. In case of solid ingredients like banana and any other fruit or vegetable half cup is generally added into the mixture of rosewater and honey. These masks are best healthy Home Made Skin masks for normal skins due to the healthy ingredients added into them.

How to apply mask:

Before applying skin mask clean your skin with a cleanser or wash it with a good face wash used for normal skin. Apply these masks to face and hands for 15 to 20 minutes. Make sure mask does not enter with your eyes. After it dries rinse it with water and moisture your skin to get the best results. Healthy mask will give a glowing and shiny look to your normal skin.

How often masks should be used:

The healthy homemade Skin mask can be refrigerated and used twice in a month. You can make a new mask each time. It is advised to apply mask twice in a month to maintain the skin texture.



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