Health benefits of nuts

image: © Africa Studio / Fotolia

image: © Africa Studio / Fotolia

Health benefits of nuts

Nuts have special characteristics and properties that are giving health benefits to the bodies. These are very affective for heart diseases and cholesterol reduction.

These are health promoting dieters and can keep you away from many heart diseases. They are essential for well being health and maintaining proper blood flow and metabolism in the body.

They have essential vitamins, fibers and fatty acids that are very beneficial for your health:

Prevention of heart diseases

Nuts have fats that are composed of special unsaturated fats. Omega 3 is one type of the polyunsaturated fat that helps in controlling various heart diseases and they have ability to lower the cholesterol level in the body. Omega 3 of nuts also protects unstable and irregular heart rhythms. They also provide health benefits against cancer and inflammatory diseases.

Improvement in blood vessel functions

Various types of nuts including walnut, peanuts and almonds have a high amount of amino acid which is beneficial for the blood vessel functions. They make the blood vessels flexible and relaxing and also act as boosters for the immunity system.

Improved digestion and risk effects of diabetes:

Nuts have fiber which is helpful for various diseases. It reduces the high level of cholesterol and also prevents your body from developing type 2 diabetes. It also helps to maintain the bowel health by eliminating the bowel syndrome.

Preventing body tissues and blood cells

Health benefits of nuts are not limited to the cholesterol and diabetes but they fat soluble vitamins present in Nuts also have a number of health benefits. They improve the metabolism rate in the body. Your DNA repair, body tissues and red blood cells prevention from being damaged and health of skin all depends on the Vitamin E which is present in high amount in the nuts.




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