Healthy Stretch Marks Prevention

image: © Valua Vitaly / Fotolia

image: © Valua Vitaly / Fotolia

Healthy Stretch Marks Prevention

Stretch marks are just like the wound healing marks that form beneath the skin and they are formed due to various reasons.

Hormonal and muscular sudden changes in body cause these stretch marks. There are various tips to prevent these marks by using healthy ways that have no side effects.

Here are few healthy tips that you can follow to prevent Stretch marks on the body.

Do not scratch:

If you have itching then try not to scratch that skin area. This will cause marks on the body. Try to use other measures to stop your itching. Use massage, oils and creams to stop itching rather than scratching the skin with the nails. This will create stretch marks!


Best and easiest way to prevent these marks is to drink lots of water. Healthy skin has very few chances of these marks so drink more water to keep your skin healthy and as a result no stretch mark. More water keeps your body elastic and no chance of stretching left in that case.

Balanced and healthy diet:

A proper amount of protein and nutrition’s in the body helps to maintain the weight and keeps your skin healthy. This will cause no stretch marks as healthy diet does not allow your weight to gain or lose at random and your skin will remain in normal state. Weight gain at random cause stretching of skin and create stretch marks. Similarly weight loss suddenly causes these marks.


Regular exercises help in maintaining the healthy body and skin but over exercise through heavy machines may cause stretch marks. This should be avoided.

Use creams:

If you have severe marks on your skin that can’t be reduced by all the above mentioned tips then you should ask your doctor for advice you some cream and lotions that can reduce these marks.



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